Hindi Language Test App Pro 1.0

Hindi Language Test App Pro 1.0



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Date Added:07 May, 2014

Author: Shrirang Pathak

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A colloquial understanding of languages has become extremely important in this globalized world order. In order to assist travelers, business persons and students planning to visit India, Appylika has created a simple, intuitive and easy to comprehend 'Hindi Language learning' application. This Hindi Language learning app can be utilized to manage your personal or professional chores in Hindi speaking regions of India. This app is aimed at people who have never communicated in Hindi before and who have a need to travel to a Hindi speaking region.

This Hindi learning App is constructed in an intelligent manner in order to facilitate the learning of most popular and commonly used Hindi terms and sentences.

Levels of Hindi Language Learning:

The app is comprised of multiple levels based on the Hindi fluency of the learner. The three level of Hindi language learning provided are¦

[1] Basic Hindi Language Learning

[2] Intermediate Hindi Language Learning

[3] Advanced Hindi Language Learning

Versions of Hindi Learning App

[a] Free version: This version of the Hindi learning App comprises of multiple Hindi fluency tests which are structured to progressively enhance the Hindi proficiency level of the learners. This version contains around 400 questions related to Hindi Language, Hindi Grammar, Hindi Language Translation and Hindi comprehension.

[b] Paid version: This version of the Hind Language learning app is comprised of advanced Hindi learning questions and answers - and has around 600 questions related to Hindi Language, Hindi Grammar, Hindi Language Translation and Hindi comprehension. The questions in this version are structured in order to improve the Hindi fluency and Hindi proficiency while having fun in learning and improving one™s proficiency in colloquial Hindi.

Features: Hindi Language Learning App

This Hindi App is constructed with only one element in mind Simplicity. Intentionally, the concept of progressive learning has been utilized in the app. Some of the major structural features and benefits of the app are as following¦

i.Hindi Language Test: The app is comprised of Hindi Language Tests which start with the basics but continue to impart the advance learning as you go ahead
ii.Hindi Fluency Test: Hindi fluency is achieved with each progressive test
iii.Hindi Proficiency Test: Hindi proficiency tests lets you improve your Hindi proficiency with every test
iv.Hindi Language Quiz: The app utilizes Hindi language Quiz to enhance the fun factor while learning
v.Hindi Grammar & Translation: Specialized tests for improving Hindi grammar and Hindi translation is part of the App structure

Suggestions & Recommendations
We are committed to assist language learners and globe-trotters so help us to improve this application and also share any new language learning ideas which you have:

System Requirements: Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

Reviews of Hindi Language Test App Pro

  • 20 December, 2015 18:54

    It's working fine on my iPad. You can test your Hindi language proficiency with this app.

  • 01 September, 2015 16:48

    This is a helpful app to learn Hindi language. Seems to work pretty well. I keep testing, and so far so good.

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